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  1. Awesome, never knew that our CEO is such a good singer.

  2. Awesome!,
    I have very little knowledge of classical music. hence, will be unable to answer which particular ‘Raga’ is this.
    I had learnt to play violin (classical style) in my childhood. My teacher had taught me that-
    ‘Whatever we find good, we must appreciate it’.
    I found this really good and I appreciate it.
    [Will off course listen to this, (many times) in future.]

  3. Hey Arun,
    That’s really a bold attempt but good one.
    As usual without words you just conveyed one more leadership lesson
    “Leader is one who demonstrates what’s Possible. “

    Seems we got one greater singer for MNC event. 🙂
    Thanks for Sharing.

  4. I don’t have much understanding of classical music but when I heard, it was quite a soothing experience…

    My Father has good knowledge about it and he enjoyed listening.

    Once again you proved,
    A great leader is not afraid of doing new things which he thinks by heart that he can do it, he will do it.

    Hats off

  5. I could not hear it.Nevertheless congratulations for trying out something new! I hope you also must have got some welcome relief from writing highly intellectual blog this time and had fun!When chattering mind stops there is going to be fun!!

  6. Awesome !!
    Enjoyed the singing talent of our CEO.
    Wonderful performance and demonstrates the dedication and riyaz(practice).

    If I am not wrong the Raga is “ Durga “ and Taal is “Rupak” .

  7. It was a wonderful performance. You were not missing a beat (thap) on the tabla and were coming on to the “sama” with ease. Great singing. One more thing to learn from you..A leader must have the ability to make it happen. Even though the situation demands that something which is never done or is very miniscule is to be done, a leader should step up and follow his heart and do it without worrying about external judgments. The outcome will always be satisfying.

  8. Hey Arun,

    I really liked the Shiv Vandana you performed. Impressive!
    It is really a nice attempt. ….damru baje damru baje….its still rolling into my ears and mind. 🙂
    Keep Rocking!

  9. It’s really astonishing to work with an organization whose CEO is a great inspiration and full of so many colorful facets. You have always surprised everyone with your hidden talent and this blog is another addition to your talent ampule. I feel, it’s always more inspiring, interesting, full of fun and learnings when we try to do things which we apparently think we cannot do. We all should strive to discover ourselves, as this is how we all learn and grow not only in professional life but in personal as well.

    This blog left me in a “WOW” state, not only because it has a video of a multitalented CEO, but also it gives us a very good learning…. “Sometimes, pushing the limit of our miniscule potential is fun. It makes us bold”. This is so true and so well said. Most of the times we hesitate, limit ourselves to do certain things in our lives, thinking about the reactions of other. That actually makes us weak and apprehensive. We limit not because we do not have potential but because we do not push it enough to achieve it.

    “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence” this is what we all should try do. And to catch the excellence you really need to push the limit of our miniscule potential.

  10. WOW! That was my first reaction after listening to this Vandana. Vocal nuances were really admirable. Being an ardent music lover and having some bit of exposure to different forms of music, I really got astonished (pleasantly) knowing this talent of yours.
    But more than singing, wanted to thank you for the message. No words could have better conveyed, than the actual demonstration of that being done. Bold and courageous, truly! Trying to take that cue to my own life. Remembered David Lim again 🙂 !

  11. Another impressive performance, and this time outside of the quarterly report! Arun, you are one of the few highly successful people I know closely (somewhat I guess). This again makes me realize that while we can always complain or make excuses to ourselves about lack of exposure to some opportunity, education, inheritance, looks, IQ, or whatever, one thing we cannot complain about is lack of time. We all have exactly the same amount of time in a day – no more and no less – and it is up to us how we utilize it. When we complain about lack of time (in many cases), we are unknowingly admitting that we are not as organized or focused as we possibly can be.

  12. Great performance in synch with Saathis Tabla, harmonium and team, thanks to Sangeet Guru and riyaz(practice).

    Beauty of Music and singing is it shuts our eyes, heart, & mind to outside world noise and deep dive into inner self with ears, heart, & mind.

    Raag and Rupak taal performance, makes all of us:
    – Get deeply involved
    – One with meaning of song and Siv
    – Above all it is different than what we do everyday

  13. Hey Arun,
    I am highly impressed. To be honest, I dont have any knowledge about classical music, but they way you have performed in this video I must admit that it is very soothing for the mind. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Really bold and courageous! Loved this performance!

  15. Really very AWESOME & GREAT singer

  16. Speechless that really awesome ,inspired me to do extraordinary ..what a talent you have

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