The Inescapable Whirlpool

“Rahul.  Naam to suna hoga”!  Of course.  After all, there are 41 Rahuls in Cybage today.  In fact, the very first Cybagian’s name was Rahul too!  But there is a difference here.  This Rahul that I am referring to is not a Cybagian.  Not yet.   But this will change very soon.  And why shouldn’t it?  Look at his determination– Stalking the Cybage CEO for months!  Every night when I take my dog for an after-dinner drive to the neighborhood Paan stall, I invariably find this boy waiting for me there.  To his credit, he has never asked me for a job.  It was the paanwala who informed me of his sad state of affairs.  I finally spoke to Rahul and discovered that he had passed out from CDAC couple of years back when IT recession was at its pinnacle.   Now, desperate to claw back into the IT industry, the poor fellow neither had the experience to be called for an interview nor an opportunity to appear for campus recruitments.  So, I had him come over for a screening at Cybage, and he qualified to get in on his own.  On Feb 21, 2011, Rahul will adorn the Cybage cap along with a fresh crop of recruits.

Rahul is naturally at the top of the world (even gave me a paan treat).  After all, he has finished proving his persistence directly to the CEO and his potential to the Cybage recruitment team.  His struggling days are now over.  That’s what he told me.  Little does he know!  Over the next few months and years, he will learn that his professional fortune depends on proving his mantle to his team lead. Then one day, he will become a lead himself, but will need to prove to his manager and customers on his capabilities to shoulder responsibility.  And so on and so forth as he continues ascending the organizational hierarchy.

Luckily for Rahul, he is not an exception.  All the “Rahul”s in the organization are in the same boat.  As are all the “R”s.  Same goes for “A”–“Z”s.  Even “C-E-O” is not spared! You see, every organization needs to keep proving its mantle to save itself from rescinding into obscurity in this great Global IT industry pyramid.  Because behind every professional or entrepreneur, there is a budding Rahul or Arun just waiting in the wings to take over—should one be so complacent as to slip and fall.

So, is there indeed no escape from this professional whirlpool?  Well fortunately, there is one.  It is one of those philosophical things in life… the struggle gets over the day we realize and accept that struggle never gets over!  Be it an individual or an organization—the ‘struggle’ for continuous evolvement needs to be imbibed as part of our professional personalities.

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The Inescapable Whirlpool - Arun Nathani Blog