The Ducky Tales

Ducks are renowned for their waterproof feathers, and it’s amazing to watch them as they splash around.  The water forms beads on their back and rolls off in a no-nonsense fashion back into the pond.   Lesson?  A leader shouldn’t let personal problems weigh and distract from the goals.

Ducks appear to glide smoothly along the surface of the water with very little effort.  However, a closer inspection reveals that they are paddling hard under the water to get where they need to go.  Lesson? The leaders should huff & puff less in front of subordinates while working hard behind the scenes.

Why the duck tales?  Because the appraisal month is almost over.  Some will get promoted; some are already in higher grade positions.  The common thread binding the seniors is the donning of the leadership mantle—to be able to lead self with grace, and others without imposing.  It’s a legitimate expectation of every organization.

Because when a duckling first comes out of its egg, it invariably follows the first thing it sees and remains attached to it.  It’s called imprinting, and it doesn’t matter if the first thing it sees is its real mother, a person, or even a cat, the duckling will continue to follow it around!

When ‘leadership’ is thrust upon us, and we still refuse to play that role—remember that someone else will!  And that someone else might be the wrong role model to emulate.   Misdirection arising out of a leadership vacuum is a test that many organizations rampantly face.  The few who get it right, their performance goes cruising in flying colors. The rest of the pack continues to sail in plain ducky colors…

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