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Once a man was riding a cycle and noticed another rider about half a mile ahead of him.  The man realized that the rider was traveling at a speed slightly lower than him, and decided to overtake the latter.  The man had about a mile to go on the road before taking his intended turn.  So, he started cycling faster and with every block inched closer to the rider.  Within minutes he was just 50m behind the rider.  He gathered all his strength, paddled hard, and finally got ahead of the rider—beaming like a winner.  It felt almost like the last lap of a grand triathlon!

As he crossed the rider, he turned his head in triumph to watch the loser’s expressions.  And that’s when he grasped the unperturbed rider had no clue they were in a race!  Unsatisfied, he turned his head back on the road, only to realize that he had been so busy competing that he had missed his turn.  He had gone nearly six blocks past it and had to turn around and go all the way back.

Corporate world is an arena of rat race.  Most organizations spend their life time competing—trying to outperform their peers.  That thought process is reflected in the lofty top-line and bottom-line targets for the workforce, and branding and acquisition games for the business.  Regrettably, such organizations seldom experience the gratification of fulfilment.

Fortunately, there are still a few companies out there who have chosen a path less cycled.  Such institutions are not in a race, including with self.  Their success is not fuelled by relative growth targets vis-à-vis their competitors.  Instead, their sole goal is to map their aspirations with those of their constituents.

Any organization that has happy customers and employees, there’s no chance of it losing its way!  For such a company never lifts its eye from the goal, even if the journey involves the COVID-19 bumps…

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  1. This is the reason, we are happy cybagians Arun sir.

  2. That’s what aspires us to be part of cybage

  3. Absolutely true Sir, at times we get too competitive that we lose our focus.

  4. Your blogs are such a pleasure to read @Arun… always :)!!! My best wishes to Cybage

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