Hunt for Zen

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  1. Great message sir… Aim for big but with keeping reality in mind. Create organization environment so that everyone can grow up and with everyone organization can grow up…. Eagerly waiting for the joining day…. Hope to have a great career at Cybage. …

  2. I liked your speech overall….great thought….but particularly liked the Karmic Connection talk. I read it somewhere and kind of believe that in every birth of ours we meet a set of people and it is our karmic connection only that make us meet a set of people. I am happy to have karmic connections with you Arun. Would love to continue working with wonderful people here at Cybage.

  3. Great speech sir. Always thought provoking reading and listening to you sir!
    I believe in Karma, only as long as it does not have some theistic association(s) with it. it’s possible to explain Karma with the theory of probability combined with a specific attitude(or perspective). If I do good things for the environment around me, since the environment affects me heavily, chances are that, relatively good things will happen to me. And, if I’m really focused on doing good things, because of my positive attitude I would also start ‘noticing’ things which are relatively better. Otherwise, I don’t see there is any scientific mandate that Karma will come back to me, as it depends on how much impact my actions made to the environment around me. Here the gist of your talk makes sense to me that being practical is of utmost importance.

  4. Sir, I am a big fan of your speech content and delivery style and also of your stage performance.

    A great speech with a great message.

  5. Hello Sir,
    Very nice message sir.. This is the first time, i have read your blog. I really liked the way you explained the three internal chakras in detail. Thank you so much sir..for inspiring us to improve and work in our life..!!

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