Home is where the Laughter is

While COVID-19 may have depleted the energy at Cybage campuses, the passion in Cybagian hearts continues to soar. I am sharing a glimmer of that spirit in my digital message. Sure, it’s a poor substitute for the connect we establish in our live event, however, the sentiments behind the informal annual speech are straight from my core. Wish you all a fabulous and safe 2021!

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  1. Truly, me too miss those jokes/laughter/eye contact, that smile which ensures that one is at familiar place. Till this pandemic I have always seconded for WFH, have never imagined I will long for going to office ever this badly.

  2. Love you Arun Sir, I really missed Cybage, happy new year… Shiva bless you and your family and every Cybegian..

  3. Another great speech…

    My wishes for you Arun and all Cybageans that the new year arrives free of obstacles and full of everything you need to be happy…

    Happy New Year 2021!!

  4. I love this. Once a Cybagian always a Cybagian.

  5. Happy New Year!! Everyone…

  6. What an inspiring story Arun. Wish you, your family and all Cybagians, a wonderful 2021.

  7. Inspirational, as always Arun Sir…

  8. Like always, an honest and engaging speech! Learnings from Cybage are a great help till date and the memories are pleasant, cherished, and close to heart. Good luck to Cybage and all Cybagians. Happy and Cheerful 2021!

  9. Inspiring and engaging story have heard in many time but still it feels fresh and new. Whatever have learn in Cybage is helping me a lot and the feeling of brotherhood, collaboration, gratitude and liveliness is only found in Cybage

  10. Inspiring story and i appreciate the spirit and humility of how you are sharing your personal journey and growth of the cybage family. I am currently exploring new opportunities and considering relocating to India. I would appreciate the opportunity to have a discussion with your team. best wishes for 2021 Ajay

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Home is where the Laughter is - Arun Nathani Blog