Happy Miseries

A discontented man prays every night, “God, I am the unhappiest man on the Earth!  No sooner do I sort one problem, another one pops up.   I beg you to exchange my worries with someone else – anyone will do!”

Then one night, God comes in his dream, “Gather all of your miseries into a bag and bring it to the temple hall.”  When the man wakes up, he excitedly packs his miseries in a big sack and rushes to the temple hall.  To his surprise, he discovers the whole town was rushing towards the hall.  Many were carrying bags much bigger than his own, including a few he had always found smiling in their luxury cars and beautiful clothes.

Everyone entering the hall is greeted with the same heavenly voice, “Put your bags in the atrium by the entrance!”  Everyone puts their bags and gathers in the main hall.  The voice booms again, “Now, as you leave, you may choose any bundle you like.”

The nervous man rushes towards his own bag.  He didn’t need to hurry,  for everyone had rushed to pick their own bag as well!

There is not a single individual or an institution that doesn’t carry a sack of distresses.  However, only an evolved few are blessed with the inner voice and strength to face their own challenges without eyeing the baggage of others.    

Indeed, it is rare to find inward-focused entities who neither envy success of their worthy peers nor glee at the collapse of their unfortunate comrades.  For it takes the poise of such secure entities to deliver consistently in good as well as tough times.  

Misery, Adapted, Bumps


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