Gainless Pain

Two racers are out on a beautiful day, zooming around the country lanes, each in a convertible.  It so happens that unknown to each other, they are on the same lane heading for each other!

The lanes are winding, the hedges are high and they are going awfully fast.  At the very last minute, they see each other and hit the brakes.  The cars skid past each other, tires screeching, and thereby a nasty accident is avoided.

There is just enough time for the first racer to scream Pig! at the second racer as they pass each other.  The second racer has no time to respond; he barely manages to turn his head towards the vanishing car and yells, “Dog!”  This split-second distraction costs him dearly.  By the time he turns his attention back to the steering wheel, it is too late to dodge the large pig that has come wandering on the road just past the bend.

Moral?  Being judgmental doesn’t help.  Let’s learn to extend the benefit of doubt.  But it’s easier said than done.  ‘Tolerance’ for the other person’s ‘intolerance’ doesn’t come naturally to us.  It is often pleasurable to pay a person, who dares to belittle us for no fault of ours, back in the same coin.

Unfortunately, the urge to react blinds us to the dangers lying ahead.  We need to empower our heads over our hearts during trying circumstances.  For only the head comprehends that the ‘gain’ of having the last word is less than the ‘pain’ arising out of a thoughtless reaction.

Those who stay calm amidst chaos are seldom caught on the wrong side of the road.

Composure, Adapted, Luck, Style


  1. Great moral.

  2. Another great one! Having my lessons reading through it. Its so true every message in every article..

  3. This is an another great one!

    I also wrote a story on being judgemental and doubting ones potential for my blog.
    I hope you would like it. Here it goes..

    Manohar and Sujata had twin kids named Buddhi and Gyani, both were five years old. On their fifth birthday celebration, Manohar discovered that his son Buddhi could dance. They appreciated his talent and motivated him to do better.

    On the other hand, Gyani was asked to concentrate on studies as he was believed to be an ordinary boy from the crowd.

    One day Manohar’s friend Rishi with his wife visited his home. As of conventional tradition, the parents wished to showcase how smart their son was, they asked Buddhi to perform a dance. Bravo! It was a wonderful dance they all applauded with an ovation. Gyani was left unnoticed again.

    Rishi suggested Manohar to make Buddhi join a dance academy which would allow him to excel in his talent. This was a good idea, Next day Manahor took Buddhi to a renowned dance Academy;

    He also took Gyani thinking if he too could learn a little, thus both the child got their admission.

    A month later Manohar visited his son’s dance teacher to get the feedback. He was shocked on hearing his son’s report card. Gyani once unnoticed and assumed inferior was the best student at the Academy and Buddhi was miles behind!

    “Judge People on their Potential rather their outer appearance, The first guys are often found lagging behind in Practical Life and a Backbencher doing well”

    Pardon for my poor english and grammar.

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