The Art of Losing

A troubled farmer approaches the village elder, “I am not good at solving problems.  Could you please teach me a few easy tricks?”  The wise elder replies, “Sure, but first, I need your help.  My herd of cows has just returned from the fields, gathering around the big tree in the courtyard.  Can you take a head count while I(..)

Hide & Steal

A math teacher took a bag of cookies out of her purse and asked a little boy, “If I give you two cookies, and then another two cookies, how many cookies will you have?”  “Five cookies,” he replied. She was surprised by his reply.  So, she used her fingers to help him count.  “Look, if I give you one, two—TWO cookies—and another one,(..)

PQ (Passion Quotient)

A passionate teacher was once queried on her secret behind living in the moment—always enjoying her work with no personal baggage. She raised a glass of water, and asked, “How heavy is this glass of water?” Her students enthusiastically shouted answers ranging from eight ounces to a couple of pounds! The teacher replied, “From my perspective,(..)

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