True Lies

Four medical students were waiting in the examination hall for their professor to arrive and administer the test. Ten minutes before the end of the test, she finally arrived, limping. After apologizing profusely for coming so late, she added, “Since the exam duration is nearly over, today’s test has only one question; moreover, I will make it easier by(..)

Ageless Smile & Timeless Laughter
The Nested Sacrifices

The Nested Sacrifices

You know how birds fly away? Let me tell you a story. Once there(..)

From Bays to Skyscrapers – Part 2


When the logic hangs up Four options in the previous blog, dozen experts…yet we have a hung jury! So when options dry up, what must a blogger do? Flip the blog and retry luck at a different level..moving up from San Francisco bay.. To Manhattan Skyscraper… Arguably, the most branded(..)

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