Hop, Skip, and a Dump!

A hunter in Alaska sighted a majestic mountain lion. Since the wild cat was dangerously close, he fired quickly and aimlessly. He missed. The lion leaped towards the hunter. Fortunately, the lion hopped too high and skipped over the hunter.

The relieved hunter returned to the camp and was concerned about his poor aim. So the next morning he went behind the camp to practice shooting at short range. As he was practicing, he heard rustling in the bushes nearby. He looked, and there was the same lion practicing short leaps!

Majestic far-sighted goals are important. But so are the ones in our face, such as honoring appointment times, capturing meeting minutes, or promptly responding to emails. Small opportunities to excel surround us all the time.

A casual approach towards our daily objectives gradually dilutes our personality. Eventually, a moment of reckoning arrives. And all our failed opportunities flip into effective threats. The hunter becomes the hunted.

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  1. This is a good one, short and precise.

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