Box of Secrets

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  1. Listing Arun’s speech after watching management dance is just cherry on the cake for people like me who are now not a part of cybage but still a cybagian. Arun you are Rockstar

  2. Salute sir, lovely speech

  3. Nice speech !!

  4. Agreed with you.

  5. I recently joined Cybage and was not part of Annual Bash last year, but listening to Arun’s Speech felt really special and inspiring.

  6. Awesome!!!!

  7. Excellent is the word for Arun sir.

  8. Nice speech

  9. Awsome Speech

  10. Indeed glad to see S3 ( Sincerity , Simplicity and Sensitivity) on the stage and the feel in air

  11. It doesn’t matter whether you are associated with Cybage or not but being an ex Cybagain I will always admire you sir.. Proud to be an Cybagian..

  12. Awesome speech sir!! Thanks..

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