Best Kept Secret

Once a young professional approached a successful man to seek guidance on the secret of excellence. The man asked, “But why do you wish to pursue excellence?” The youngster replied, “So that my seniors notice my work, and I am rewarded accordingly.”

The man smiled and beckoned the young man to accompany him on a short road trip.  They drove down to a small village on the city’s outskirts, where a temple was under construction. Next to the construction area, an old sculptor was making an idol of God. The man instructed the youngster to watch the old sculptor closely and figure out his secret of excellence.

The youngster watched the old man in fascination as he continued sculpting. He suddenly noticed a similar idol lying next to the old man.  Surprised, he asked the sculptor, “Do you need two idols of the same deity?” Without looking up, continuing his work, the sculptor replied, “No, we need only one but the first got damaged at last stage.” The youngster examined the idol and found no apparent damage. Perplexed, he asked, “Where is the damage?” Still busy with his work, the sculptor replied, “There is a scratch on nose of the deity.”

The curious youngster prodded the sculptor further “Where are you installing this idol?”  The sculptor replied, “On a twenty-foot high pillar.” Puzzled, the youngster questioned, “If the idol is being installed so high, who is going to notice this little scratch on nose of idol?”

Sculptor stopped his work, looked at the youngster in bewilderment, and said, “I will know it!”

The desire to excel is exclusive of whether others appreciate it or not. Excellence is always a drive from the inside, not the outside. The secret of conquering excellence resides in its pursuit for own satisfaction and not to please others! 

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  1. I agree but nowadays in corporate world people need to understand the importance of presenting your work.. If you do not present no one will notice it.. You know it better..

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  4. Well said Arun. These are the true values Cybage has adhered to.

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