The Return of the Emperor …

Then Microsoft came with Internet Explorer.  And all hell broke loose.  They found a very innovative way to compete.  Give away your browser…  FREE!   In one masterstroke, they changed the face of the Internet.  How do you compete with something that goes free?  Never again will anyone make money by selling Internet tools.  When even the elephantine Netscape got trampled, who was to give a damn to poor CyberAge’s whimpering?  (Interestingly, since that fateful day in mid-nineties – the ‘face’ of the Internet has undergone multiple face lifts.  A few years later, Microsoft got a taste of its own bitter medicine at the hands of Google.  Then, more recently, the new wonder kid on the block – Facebook – is having the last-laugh-for-now with both Microsoft and Google)

Lesson? The obvious one is to not get so intoxicated with your entrepreneurial idea that you get naïve to potential ‘game-changers’!   Most of the time, such due diligence only at the start is just not good enough – ask the erstwhile STD booth operator who got swept off by the mobile tsunami! In today’s net age, it is important to continuously monitor these game changers even when you seem to be seamlessly cruising towards your target.

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  1. Arun, the game changer concept and our obsession with our business are a great take back. Love reading your blogs as always.

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