The Raider Unleashed…

Next, I handed over the daily company operations to my wife, went back to US, and unveiled CyberAge Raider at trade shows and conferences—a necessary expensive proposition.  The product was received very well.  We got rave reviews, including the much coveted “product of the month” from PC magazine.  We tied up with a marketing company in bay area to sell the product over the web for $19.95.  I started meeting big guys—Compuserve, Yahoo!, Netscape, and Infoseek, among others—proudly demonstrating our product and exploring joint-venture opportunities.  At Netscape, I actually had the good fortune of giving a product demo on Marc Andreessen’s computer.  With folks at Yahoo, I had an excited discussion where we cribbed about Netscape guys—how two peers gossip about the 3rd one!   Yes sir, everything was proceeding by the book—CyberAge indeed was in the fast-lane!  We were rocking!  The $million$ dream looked whiskers away….

“Advertising is to business what imagination is to poetry” (one of the aphorisms attributed to legendary Tommy Dewar known for his pioneering marketing techniques).  Evangelizing your product to industry leaders is crucial.  Without “hyping” initiatives, only sheer magic can enable your consumers or partners to get to know your offerings, no matter how great your idea is! Outside partnership forging opportunities, networking helps in sensitizing your eyes beyond the wavelengths presented by the visible spectrum.  Such exposure nudges you into a more erect positioning before the cement dries up.

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  1. Hi Arun,

    Can we get to see snapshots of “CyberAge Raider” if they are available 🙂

    • Unfortunately, the raider is a lost treasure now – somewhere buried in the rubbles of dotcom bust 🙁

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