The Land of “Materialistic” Opportunity…

When I first arrived in the US to do my MS from Virginia Tech in ’87, there was no intention to retrace the steps. India was not happening; it was arrogantly cool to sign up in the middle-class herd stampede over the Atlantic Ocean. In the surrounding chaos, I had very wisely sorted out my focused 3-step strategy – “Finish MS, Find a Decent Job, and Live Happily Ever After”. The first two sailed smoothly as per plan. It was the “happily ever after” part that I was struggling to figure out. So after five years of mind-numbing design engineer’s job in a Chicago-based manufacturing company, I decided to pack up in ‘94 and move back to India for good. Limited in originality, the plan stayed the same 3-step strategy with minor improvisation – “Get Married, Find a Decent Job, and Live Happily Ever After”.

It is important to be ambitious in life, no doubt. However, I believe that it is even more important to acknowledge that life’s ‘basic’ ambitions deserve a priority over ‘materialistic’ ones. How often we come across an unfortunate soul who in his overambitious pursuit of ‘materialistic’ ambitions ended up consuming the very ‘basics’ needed for the happily-there-after part?!

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  1. Life basic ambitions deserve a priority over materialistic ones.This is really true hats-off to you.

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