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In 1995, one towering role model worthy of emulating was Netscape—the golden boy of the browsing world. Now the ploy was to figure out that special niche—the untapped zones in those nascent stages of Internet. Mind you, this was the time when the Web was expanding at an exponential rate. Worldwide, more websites were mushrooming every minute than the surfers could soak up. In fact, if you were not a software nerd, it was easy to get lost in the intangible Web; Internet browsing seemed agonizingly painstaking. I, for one, was convinced that the naïve home users would sincerely appreciate a more intuitive and friendly way to surf, rather than interact with the gray array of buttons presented by regular browsers like Netscape. Bingo, I had hit the goldmine (or so I thought)!

So which entrepreneurial idea is better: an ‘original’ or an ‘emulated’ one? Natural reflex is to pick something that has never been done before! Of course, if you THINK that you are the only one on this planet who has come with your idea first, think again—the statistical probability of that is over one in a billion! So probably the reason you THINK your great idea is ‘original’ is because it has been repeatedly collapsing before you could even hear of it, which doesn’t make your idea so great after all, does it? That’s why I believe that the ‘been-there’ ideas in their evolving phase always make wiser business sense!


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  1. Very nice perspective, thank you!

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