The Conception …

Next, I graduated from Ruksun. And Cyberage was born (In due course, Cyberage got rechristened to Cybage). Mission? Not the one that decorates our website and brochures today, nothing so profound. Rather, the original mission was driven by short-range basic instincts – to develop a “browser for dummies” to be sold to a multinational for $millions$ and live happily thereafter! After all, which standard human specimen doesn’t want a quick way to riches? Moreover, entrepreneurs are like doting parents, they have an uncanny ability of self-persuasion on the sheer greatness of their idea – nothing can go wrong! Even on the financial front, things were cozy for me. I still had some left-over savings to last a few months, plus I had a supportive wife and potential financial backup in my brother—so the decision to plunge was clearly laid out for me.

The world we live in seems tangibly devoid of divine intervention when it comes to objective fairness. Quite often we come across people who are quite modest in their talent quotient, yet are immensely successful! And then again, you have many talented folks out there who just end up nowhere! Sure, ‘luck’ plays a big part, but that is not in our control. Many times, the primary differentiator is the courage and promptness in decision follow-through! I believe, once the decision has been made, one should take a soul-hearted plunge without dilly-dallying!


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