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As I was conceiving the launch of the business, I realized my first bottleneck. The problem was the distance from the market. What I really needed was a business partner in US with significant marketing presence to achieve commercial closures. That opportunity was presented in the form of my dad’s distant friend who was running a successful hardware and body-shopping enterprise out of Connecticut. It seemed like a perfect marriage—a US-based company with deep pockets that was looking for a tie-up with an Indian startup. So I presented him our product proposal. He loved it. And I got my business partner. Nothing on paper, of course. You don’t insult elderly magnanimous uncles by stipulating signed paperwork prerequisites! It was a partnership that was loosely-knit, based on trust. It required me to bear the initial setup cost, while he was to provide the running capital. Development was my job; US market liaison was his responsibility. A perfect 50-50!

Many times, a first-time entrepreneur makes a fundamental mistake—his business focus is either tilted heavily towards ‘operation’ side of the idea execution, or towards the ‘marketing’ side of the business. Trying to sell something which is fundamentally weak is a fallacy—we all know that. But the reverse is true as well. One shouldn’t assume that as long as the idea is terrific, a successful marketing campaign will logically follow. Unless you think about customer interfacing from the start, you will never know the market acceptance of the evolving idea until it gets too late!

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  1. Identifying the right bottleneck and finding a solution
    to that is also not that easy. Thanks to the father this is
    a great example for everyone, you never know when
    any of your old contacts can prove to be so strong.

    This is really true is has to be two way, a great idea can lay
    down without a strong and intelligence marketing campaign
    the reverse is true as well. A strong marketing campaign
    might not work if an idea is weak.

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