Head Starts & Heart Stops
East, West, & Aman Bhutani
Trains, Planes, & Vishwanathan Anand

& Living Happily Ever-after…

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I came back to India, and a few hugs and champagnes later, Rahul announced his job was done. It was now his turn to pursue his dream in the materialistic land of opportunity (Today, Rahul sits pretty in a big house in Bay Area, living the great American Dream). The remaining three members of the(..)

The Lingering Fragrance

15 years.  Sometimes, they feel like a lifetime. Sometimes, a blink of an eye. Many early memories of Cybage flash like a set of scattered scenes from a movie you saw as a kid. The shooting for this Cybage movie began in an old army colony apartment of ‘Salunke Vihar’. In those days, the first person to report to work used to be “Maushi”. All our(..)

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