The Aching Joy

The Aching Joy

Shine & Shadows… What is tougher — the first or the last(..)

The Artlessness of Delegation – Part 5

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Overtaking the flight take off… Is Delegation a subject matter of art or science?  It depends on whom you ask.  A scholar of philosophy will probably claim it as a piece of art because of the strong human interactive angle.  A corporate thought leader, on the other hand, may view the(..)

The Artlessness of Delegation – Part 4

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The nonmusical chairs... Did you know that when climbers reach the Everest summit, they are not supposed to hang around a bit to appreciate the view from the terrace of the world?  The exhilarating feeling lasts merely a few minutes, and then it’s all downhill from there.  There is a very(..)

The Artlessness of Delegation – Part 3

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A windowless scenic drive... Hotel check-out time: 10:00 am. Estimated driving time: 2 hours. Flight departure: 16:20 pm.  A 100% risk-free equation, I reviewed with satisfaction.  If anything, there was too much of an efficiency loss.  Some filler was required.  Not another jungle picnic or(..)

Wah Taj

Wah Taj

A few years back, over a formal dinner, I was educated that half-way(..)

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