In desperation, I changed our strategy—isolated 3-D components of our browser and made them Internet Explorer and Netscape plug-ins. And what did we get in return? A “free” link from Microsoft and Netscape sites! A business needs revenue to sustain, not free links. Quite clearly, the moment for acquisitions or joint ventures had passed. Now my only bet was to get some venture capitalist to pump in sizable funds so that we could enhance and launch our product in a big way. Then it was time for another rude awakening. Did you know VCs are not in the business of giving you money when you desperately need it? Rather they will haunt you till the end of the world when you are well-established and don’t require any funds! Fortunately, this was the time when my brother Deepak stepped in with financial investments and thus became Cyberage’s investing partner.

Today, my reminiscences still have that lingering flavor of bitterness against our planet for not aiding a struggling entrepreneur. But now I feel wiser. There is a popular office saying “A good coffee doesn’t need cream/sugar; a bad coffee doesn’t deserve any!” Ironically, in the present day, I find myself standing as a believer of this saying from the other side of fence! But if I had to take a pick—I will still entertain a proposal from an expanding business looking for replenishing condiments. However if condiments are required for “survival”, I too would shy away from sipping that bitter coffee.

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