& Living Happily Ever-after…

I came back to India, and a few hugs and champagnes later, Rahul announced his job was done. It was now his turn to pursue his dream in the materialistic land of opportunity (Today, Rahul sits pretty in a big house in Bay Area, living the great American Dream). The remaining three members of the original team shortly followed in Rahul’s footsteps. With revenue flowing in, it was time to relocate to a more habitable place – Clover Cascade Bungalows in the serene suburban surroundings of Kalyani Nagar. A year later, my brother Deepak moved back from the US to Pune and made a transition from being an investor to an operational partner. You may now refer to www.cybage.com to follow the rest of the story.

But what happened to Cyberage? Good question. You see, while our company’s name was CyberAge since its inception, our domain always stayed www.cybage.com. Reason? www.cyberage.com was already taken up when the company was incorporated! Then, as Cyberage grew, it became imperative to reflect a uniform corporate identity where the domain and the company name matched. So, we called up the owner of the Cyberage domain in 1998, the peak of dot-com boom. He directed us to his attorney, who quoted the domain at an exorbitant US$100,000. Big mistake. We found it easier to change the name of the company to match the domain name. As William Shakespeare once said “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. And, thus heeding Shakespeare’s advice – Cyberage was put to sleep, only to be awakened over the last few weeks for a very special preview of this blog’s audience

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  1. Do you have some snapshot (picture) of Cyberage browser?
    Readers would love to see it.


  2. Sir , I really like the way you present things in your blogs. Wish to read more frequent blog post…

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