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I returned to India in the summer of ‘94, got married, and became a stock market analyst/investor style of entrepreneur in Ahmedabad. Then, in accordance with Murphy’s Law, the booming market collapsed. And with the crash, my savings dwindled below the comfy zone. With sunken spirits, I was left with two choices—a hasty retreat back to the US, or one more shot to settling down in India. A job interview at a startup in my wife Ritu’s hometown Pune made my choice easier. How can you say “no” to flexi timings, complimentary lunches, five-day work week, honest pay, awesome boss, and above all, a pool table at the reception! Chetan Shetty, the then CEO of Ruksun, was inspirational to the core, the company was surcharged with his leadership, his dreams of taking Ruksun to places. Very rapidly, Ruksun grew from 10 to 60 engineers, and I happily rode the tide—climbed the hierarchy from a QA engineer to a manager in a matter of six months!

So one can safely conclude, my first stint at entrepreneurship was a disaster! Or was it? Because technically, I could have hung around for the stock markets to rebound and then have a go at it with a renewed vigor! But I chose pragmatism over perseverance. I think a stand-alone perseverance (without pragmatism) is a seriously overrated quality! If you are navigating through major obstacles towards your target and end up with a terrible fall, all management gurus will tell you to get up, brush off, and start walking again. But sometimes they forget to emphasize that it is not a bad idea to radically change your direction towards a new promising target!




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