I returned to Chicago from my Bay Area trip and spent the next couple of days in the close vicinity of my telephone. It finally rang; Steve Soloman—one of the two Vice Presidents I had met during my Bay Area trip—was on the line. He said that they would like me to visit Kansas City where their development center was located. I was like ‘not another airfare again’! But they had prearranged everything—air-tickets, car rental, out-of-pocket expenses… everything! Have you ever heard anything so bizarre… A prospect fishing for the right vendor and volunteering to sponsor the marketing trip of a potential supplier?? That was our Steve Soloman! Following the Kansas trip, Steve called me and said that he would like to contract out all four engineers if the deal is good. I said US$1500 per engineer per month. $1200 – he countered! $1400 – I excitedly thundered!! He said let me rethink the whole thing with the management and get back. Please don’t do this to me, I silently prayed dreading the worst. And somehow, he heard me. And Cyberage finally gasped its first breath!

A few years down the line, I received a call from Farallon late in the night—Steve was no more; died of a heart attack at the premature age of 41. Traitor, he took a part of Cybage away with him! Even today my eyes tend to moisten when anyone asks me to describe the warmth of Cybage’s first hug! How I wish we could have held Steve’s hand a little longer, had an opportunity to have him as an audience of this tribute. In one of my earlier postings, I stated a belief – ‘The world we live in seems tangibly devoid of divine intervention when it comes to objective fairness’! Am I 100% sure? Was Steve Soloman just a statistical ‘probability’ that fairly played out? How to probe? When the living evidence turned hostile, how will I ever be dead sure?

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