In the opening article of my blog, I made a comment about the influence of the Cybage formative years on my present identity. I think that if people were to sit down and itemize my personality fine enough, they are bound to detect traces of radiation even today that are reminiscent of the Cyberage big-bang. And, interestingly, I believe that this holds true for all present-day Cybagians as well—even though for most of them, the original Cyberage story is merely a folk tale! It is, of course, for each Cybagian to figure out a personal identity in my story. If you ask me to single out one common characteristic, I will summarize it as follows: All that Rahul and his team of ‘mediocre four’ accomplished in the initial year, the future generations of Cybage matched brick by brick. If the initial warriors took upon Marc Andreessen’s elephantine Netscape, the subsequent torch bearers were pitted against Narayan Murthy’s Infosys, Azim Premji’s Wipro, and dozens of gigantic offshore powerhouses with management and technical think-tanks boasting alumni of some of the finest institutions and corporates of the world! So, how did we manage to accomplish so much more than mere survival? It was undoubtedly the culture we inherited – Simple people can achieve their dreams by sheer motivation!

Where dreams meet achievements—that’s Cybage, yours and mine!

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