A Ray of Hope…

I still had some belief, some stamina left, to keep walking as long as the sun didn’t go down on Cyberage. But the darkness was descending rapidly; I had a new-born at home and a trusting wife searching for answers in my eyes. Somehow the thought of going round in a circle and starting life all over again was heartbreaking. I was living the life of Elton John’s “Like a candle in the wind never knowing who to cling to when the rain set in”. I just had to figure a way out of this maze. I strained and strained my eyes through the fog so thick, and there I glimpsed it—a little ray of hope! With the growing maturity of Internet, the sparks of offshore development had started glimmering. Both Deepak and Rahul encouraged me to explore in the direction of the flickering light. I was reluctant at first. Mathematically, it was just not adding up—how do you recover your life-long investments with small staff extension contracts? However, it was either that or the vast nothingness. So I started sending out mails soliciting offshore business, capitalizing on CyberAge Raider as a branding tool—using our product as a testimonial of our high-quality work.

Downgrading an ambition is perhaps the most difficult dilemma for an entrepreneur! It’s like going to Bollywood to become a movie star, and settling for a cameraman’s job. Suddenly your lens shows that the road ahead to quick riches has faded away into a distant blur! At that moment, would a rookie cameraman ever realize that in the long-run the one who stands behind the lens has a better probability of becoming a powerful director than the one acting in front of the lens?! You see, the “long-run” phrase never has a ring of a winner, more like a consolation prize! And who remembers the ‘consolation’ prize winners? So many cameramen don’t even bother wasting calories to cross the finishing line; they just retreat back into the comfort zone of their hometowns!

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  1. “When the going gets tough, The tough gets going”.
    I dont think so
    “When the going gets tough, The smarter gets going”.
    Looking forward for your next post. 🙂


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